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External Audit

We pair deep industry knowledge with service specialisation to deliver high quality audits and related assurance work.

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Navigating the complexity of compliance obligations

As they grow, many of our clients view audits as more than just a legal requirement, and that’s certainly our approach.  Our experienced partner led teams offer real valuable analysis and insights from the information we gather from you that provide the keystone to continuous improvements, developments and growth.

Although we always remain highly professional, we pride ourselves on being highly personable to work with and remain firmly focused on supporting you to make the best decisions for your business.  We strive to make sure the whole process is clear, forthright and expected. Whatever the size of your business, or industry sector, we have the experience to support you, and together, we’ll set bold new goals now for a brighter tomorrow.

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Audit Manager

Our approach to Audit and Assurance and indeed to all our services, is based on three key drivers:


Partner-led client service: ensures that there is upfront partner involvement so that both you and Baker Tilly have an agreed approach at the start of any work we do.


Regular communication: this enables us to provide proactive advice and deal with any tax issues and opportunities as they arise during the year.


Pragmatic approach: any advice provided includes a sensible quantification of costs and benefits (including non-monetary ‘hassle’ factors and impact on resources). The commercial drivers dictate the business decisions.

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