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Ashling O’Donovan

Audit and Assurance
T: 021-4217940
Photo of Ashling O’Donovan

During her college years, Ashling made the decision to undertake an internship in an accounting practice. This experience helped her to confirm her interest for the field and solidifying her decision to pursue a career in accounting.

In September 2017, Ashling joined the firm as a graduate in the audit department. Balancing full-time work with academic commitments, she successfully completed her ACCA qualification.

Over the past seven years at the firm, she has enjoyed working with a diverse range of clients. This exposure has provided her with an in-depth experience across various industries, enhancing her technical skills and broadening her understanding of different business environments.

Ashling is committed to leveraging her experience and skills to contribute to the firm's success and to support the development of our audit team.

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