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Eliza Paprocka - Ragnoli

Audit and Assurance
T: +353 1 8764550
Photo of Eliza Paprocka - Ragnoli

Eliza is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with a Master's Degree in Economics. Eliza earned her trade in both audit and industry roles. 

She has worked with corporations and start-ups across industries such as financial services and FinTech. This experience took her on assignments both in Ireland and internationally, providing a broad perspective on the financial world's complexities.

Eliza has a keen interest in the complexities of psychology and human behaviour. She is fascinated by the psychological, cognitive, emotional, and social factors that affect the economic decisions of individuals and institutions. 

Outside of work, she has recently developed a love for rowing. In her spare time, Eliza enjoys mountaineering in the Alps and the theatre.

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