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Potential Change in Government in the UK: An Irish Perspective

Jul 4, 2024

The potential shift in government in the UK from Conservative to Labour is being met with a palpable sense of optimism among the Irish public, particularly in post-Brexit and EU relations. 

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has made clear his commitment to restoring and enhancing Anglo-Irish relations, focusing on the ease of trade. Brendan observes, "Starmer is keen to get Anglo-Irish relations back on track regarding ease of trade, which is crucial for sectors like agriculture, food and beverage, logistics, FMCG, construction, and any business involved in exporting goods." This emphasis on seamless trade processes generates cautious optimism within the Irish business community.

The potential for the UK to re-establish closer ties with the EU under a Labour government is also seen as a positive development. "Closeness with the EU again is positive for the UK," says Brendan, reflecting a widespread sentiment that improved relations with the EU would benefit both nations. This is particularly advantageous for Irish businesses, which traditionally enjoy robust trade links with the UK and the EU.

Another encouraging aspect is the presence of strong Irish connections and heritage within the Labour backroom team. Brendan comments, "The strong Irish connections and heritage in the Labour backroom team are expected to facilitate smoother diplomatic and economic interactions." This cultural affinity is a practical advantage and a source of connection and understanding, fostering closer economic ties.

In conclusion, the potential change in government in the UK presents an opportunity for renewed and enhanced Anglo-Irish relations. For Irish businesses, this signifies the prospect of easier trade, improved logistics, and strengthened economic ties, all of which are essential for continued growth and prosperity. "The business community is cautiously optimistic," Brendan concludes, underscoring the widespread enthusiasm and anticipation for this transition's positive impacts.

"There is a significant opportunity for cross-border positive impact on Anglo-Irish relations. Getting closer is important from an Irish business perspective."

Brendan Murphy
Head of Tax
Baker Tilly Ireland
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