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Clinton v Trump - An Alternative Irish Perspective

Nov 9, 2016

By the time this blog has been published we will know (hopefully - barring a coup) who has won the US election. It is undeniable that this has been the most talked about and aggressive election in the USA probably ever. It has put the US election process on the map worldwide and that is - love him or hate him - primarily thanks to Donald Trump. He has brought it front and centre for us all - most people from around the world, the east and west coast of America seem to be implacably opposed to his election and yet as of polling day he is within the margin of error in most polls.

The choice as far as can be seen is a choice between a very experienced and connected member of the status quo who will most likely continue in broadly the same path as previous presidents or a maverick game changer who could potentially change everything. The sideline noise that has been going on in this election cycle about both candidates is just that, a sideline. Also do not be overly concerned about either of them lying - they all do that all the time to get elected. Focus on the bigger picture

At this stage one feels that The USA is at a tipping point and could well be on the verge of losing their position as leader of the free or even unfree world - will more of the same halt that or hasten it? Will a total change halt it or hasten it? What do people want? I don't think there is any consensus to the answer to that.

From this Irish persons perspective I would like to see a continued dominant role for The USA in the world. I feel that this would be best served by making a change - I am a seasoned and fascinated long time watcher and studier of The USA and its election process and I feel it has fundamentally broken down and become hopelessly gridlocked. On this basis alone and if for no other reason I would vote for Donald Trump.

Hilary Clinton is a very accomplished and able person but she is part of the same old system and this is breaking down. Don't fall into the trap that having the first woman president will make a difference - it won't.

However if I had to call at this stage on polling day my feeling is that she will win the election - all will be revealed on Wednesday 9th November 2016.

The counter to that is in 2016 The UK voted out of Europe, Leicester win the Premiership, the Chicago Cubs won after 108 years and Ireland beat New Zealand for the first time in 111 years so perhaps it is the year for the unexpected to happen - I for one hope that trend continues on Election Day in The USA.

One final comment I would make is that I think Donald Trump is a winner either way - he has gone from being one of the most famous people in The USA to being arguably the most famous person in the world today. This has to be good long term for his brand and in that endeavour I wish him continued success - it's about time we all did a bit more of this with each other.

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