SPOTLIGHT ON EXAMINERSHIP: ‘Success Stories – Challenges Met and Overcome’

As businesses respond to COVID-19, it’s important to remember that with the right support and strategies in place, significant challenges can be overcome. In the final part of our 'Spotlight' series on examinership, Dessie Morrow, Corporate Advisory Director, writes about companies which have engaged in the examinership process due to testing times. We have been [...]

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COVID-19 Key support measures available to business

Given the uncertainty around the overall long-term economic effect of the current COVID-19 situation the Irish Government and the Revenue Commissioners have provided some immediate short-term reliefs for business who face cashflow difficulties over the coming weeks. Baker Tilly are here to help you through this difficult and testing time. We outline below some of [...]

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Great Futures: The Value of Upskilling

Technology has changed the way we do business; this we know. As our professional lives are impacted almost daily by advances in technology, it’s important we recognise that we need to adapt and evolve in order to thrive. Organisations and their people need to adapt to survive. The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) predicts that by [...]

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Why The Meat Industry Is Not Going Away

Sharing the latest insights into the food and agribusiness sector For what seems like an age, the Irish (and global) meat industry has been under fire. In fact, if we were to base our entire view of the world on what appears on social media, one would be forgiven for assuming that meat no longer [...]

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Election 2020: Corporation Tax

With the general election just nine days away, the political parties’ manifestos are being scrutinised in detail. Although the election debates are primarily dominated with health and housing, the future of Ireland’s corporation tax base is an interesting side show to consider at this time. Foreign Direct Investment Not surprisingly, both Fianna Fáil and Fine [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Erika Lynch

When did you join Baker Tilly? I joined Baker Tilly’s South East office in August 2019. What does your work involve? My work involves a bit of everything. I work on accounts, income tax returns, corporation tax returns, vat, payroll. We also work with clients in a variety of industries, from small farmers to International [...]

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SPOTLIGHT ON EXAMINERSHIP: ‘Our focus is rescuing companies that may otherwise fail’

In the second of a three-part series of articles, Dessie Morrow, Director in Corporate Advisory shares his insights on the benefits of examinership, exiting the process and why Baker Tilly are unrivalled in leading cases.   What are the benefits for the company going into an examinership? There are many benefits. Too often, we see [...]

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In the first of a three-part series of articles, Dessie Morrow, Director in Corporate Advisory, discusses examinership. What does the process involve? And what determines whether a company is a candidate for examinership? The Examinership Process The examinership process is a Corporate Advisory rescue mechanism which provides Court protection of up to 100 days to [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Leah Doyle

When did you join Baker Tilly? I joined Baker Tilly’s South East office in July of this year. What does your role involve? As a trainee in the South East office, my workload is quite varied. Working closely alongside managers, directors and partners, I gain experience in a wide range of accounting services and have [...]

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Register of Beneficial Ownership: Analysis

The deadline for relevant entities to file their beneficial ownership submissions with the Register of Beneficial Ownership (“RBO”) on the 22nd of November 2019 (which was later extended to the 25th November due to technical faults of the RBO website) has come and gone. On the 13th of November, just eight working days before the [...]

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