Register of Beneficial Ownership: Analysis

The deadline for relevant entities to file their beneficial ownership submissions with the Register of Beneficial Ownership (“RBO”) on the 22nd of November 2019 (which was later extended to the 25th November due to technical faults of the RBO website) has come and gone. On the 13th of November, just eight working days before the [...]

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How to Prepare For Your Year-End Audit

Audit season is a stressful time and can sometimes distract from the day-to-day operations of the company. However, an audit is a useful tool that provides an independent verification of the company’s operations and internal controls. At Baker Tilly, we want to ensure that closing out the year-end in preparation for your audit goes as [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Shane Boylan

When did you join Baker Tilly? I joined Baker Tilly in September ‘18 as part of the graduate programme. Summary of role. As a trainee, my role in the Audit and Advisory department varies from day to day. Our department is responsible for a full range of accounting and advisory services. To date, I have [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Orla Martyn

When did you join the company? I joined the company on August 1, 2019. Summary of Role. As a trainee in the tax department, my role involves working with the directors and managers in various areas of tax, whether it be VAT with Ruth Linehan or Corporation Tax with Brendan Murphy. In recent weeks, the [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Roisin O’Friel

When did you join the company? I began working in Baker Tilly’s Corporate Finance department in August of this year. Summary of Role. My role revolves around managing an investment fund; carrying out due diligence on potential investees, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies, fundraising and engaging with investors. What made you want to work in [...]

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Meet Our Trainee: Victor Monroy

When did you join the company? I joined the firm almost five years ago. I was given a scholarship from my Spanish University to do an internship at Hughes Blake (now Baker Tilly Ireland) for three months. After the conclusion of my internship, the firm decided to offer me a trainee contract. I have very [...]

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How to Lead Your Team More Effectively

Have you noticed how much information there is on leadership? There is a wealth of material in existence. Publications, academics, podcasts, studies, surveys, TED Talks. Add in stories of leaders into the mix (business, sporting, political) and it is easy to become confused as to what is the right approach to leadership. Let’s simplify it [...]

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Financial Statements: Bringing Historical Reporting Up To Date

Subsequent event reporting; what is it and why is it an important consideration in the preparation of your company’s financial statements? It is the responsibility of the Directors to consider if any significant events occurred after the balance sheet date and before the date of signing the financial statements. Where a significant event has occurred, [...]

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