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Gerard Hughes

Corporate Finance
T: 01 876 4550
Photo of Gerard Hughes

With extensive experience in both Corporate Finance and insolvency, Gerard has developed a diverse skill set and a robust understanding of financial management and restructuring. Throughout his career, he has successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, providing strategic insights and solutions to a wide range of clients.

Gerard brings a wealth of experience from various roles in Corporate Finance, where he played a pivotal role in executing mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, and analysis. 

His background in insolvency has equipped him with the expertise to manage and resolve financial distress situations, ensuring optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. Gerard's experience spans multiple industries, providing him with a broad perspective and the adaptability to thrive in diverse business environments.

His primary focus is on bridging the gap between financial stability and strategic growth. In Corporate Finance, Gerard concentrates on maximising shareholder value through strategic planning, financial restructuring, and capital management. In insolvency, his objective is to guide companies through restructuring processes, facilitating their emergence as stronger, more resilient entities. This dual focus enables him to offer comprehensive financial solutions that cater to both growth and recovery.

Gerard primarily collaborates with mid-sized to large enterprises, including corporations undergoing financial restructuring and those pursuing strategic growth opportunities. 

His clients span diverse sectors, each presenting unique financial challenges. Whether partnering with a thriving business seeking expansion or guiding a company facing financial adversity, Gerard is committed to delivering tailored strategies that drive success and sustainability.

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