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Are You Considering Outsourcing Your Payroll?

Jan 1, 1970
If you are considering outsourcing your payroll you may wish to consider the benefits which we have outlined below. We provide the outsourced payroll function to a number of our clients which allows them to concentrate on their business knowing that the payroll function is being dealt with by an expert team of professionals whilst keeping them compliant. Payroll compliance is complex, time consuming and costly when you get it wrong.  

Benefits of Outsourcing the Payroll Function

(i) Efficiency - Both you and your employees will be able to focus on other core areas of the business, while we handle your payroll (ii) Confidentiality - All sensitive employee and senior executive remuneration details are kept secure and confidential at all times (iii) Confidence - Your employees will have increased confidence in the accuracy of the payroll (iv) Compliance - Having qualified professionals complete the payroll function on time and fully compliant with current tax legislation (v) Knowledge - Having access to expert Irish employment tax knowledge  

Roberts Nathan's Outsourcing Payroll Service

  • We are fully integrated with the Irish Tax Practice. Our payroll service is managed by tax professionals to ensure tax issues are identified and dealt with appropriately
  • Trained qualified experienced payroll and tax professionals
  • Significant experience in managing senior executives, directors and other payrolls across a wide range of industry sectors
  • A review is carried out on all payroll runs to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax rules
  • Customised payroll management reports
  • We provide
    • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll processing
    • Secure electronic payslips issued to Employees
    • Payroll Management Report sent to Employer
    • Processing of Revenue payments
  If you require assistance with your business's payroll, we would be happy to assist. You can contact our partner, Gail Ellis, at or contact us at   The content of this blog is intended to convey general information and educational advice. It should not be relied upon as professional advice. We have done our best to ensure that the information provided by Roberts Nathan is accurate and up-to-date but unintended errors or misprints may occur. If you wish to obtain business advice or taxation advice please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team.

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