Thinking about a career in accountancy and finance?

Thinking about a career in accountancy and finance?

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As a graduate, thinking about the next step in your career is not always easy.  What is important to you in your future career? A career in accountancy offers excellent job prospects. Contrary to popular myths accountancy is not just about number crunching. It’s a passport to success.

Professional accountants that operate as advisors, are central in advising all business, large and small on how to stay successful and competitive.

Life as a trainee at Baker Tilly Hughes Blake

Life as a trainee in Baker Tilly Hughes Blake is varied.  The work experience is challenging but rewarding.  As trainees you are handed responsibility early on, meeting clients, travelling to client sites, working across the organisation in taxation, audit, advisory, corporate finance and corporate recovery.

So how do I begin my career in Accounting & Finance?

As a Chartered firm, trainees in Baker Tilly Hughes Blake will join the company under a 3.5 year training contract and remain with the organisation for the duration.  For holders of a recognised master’s programme the contract is three years.  Working in a multi-disciplinary firm like Baker Tilly will provide you with training in audit, tax, corporate recovery and corporate finance.

How to clinch that training contract

Your CV is the first chance to make an impact with the firm’s Partners.  Begin by including the most relevant information on the top.  Try and keep it no longer than two pages and tailor it to the job you are applying for.  Proof your CV. Spelling errors suggest a lack of attention to detail, a no-no in accounting.  Be prepared for the interview.

Research the company, both the Irish organisation and the international organisation.  The interviewers are really interested in relevant work experience.  Most importantly, understand the commitment you are making when you sign a training contract.  It involves a significant commitment on your behalf.

Learning and Development

Learning is not just for Christmas! Learning is central to the culture here at Baker Tilly Hughes Blake.  Employees are encouraged to make training part of their routine regardless of whether they are trainees for qualified.

Learning is not just classroom based.  People generally learn by doing rather than listening, so on the job learning is key to your development as a professional. However, we recognise that preparing for professional exams is difficult.  Alongside your formal lectures, we provide in house access to additional training such as presentation skills to arm you with the necessary know-how to do your job to the best of your ability.  The big plus for graduate trainees is the generous contracted study leave provided to allow time for exam preparation and revision.


You are not on your own! You will get to work alongside great mentors who will guide you through your training contract, providing you with valuable guidance and advice sharing their own experiences and skills.


Still not sure?  Why not consider a short internship at Baker Tilly Hughes Blake. Interning is a great way to find out up about the profession and where the qualification can lead to.  Alongside the actual valuable work experience, you will also get to find out if this is where your future lies?

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