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Podcast: Neil Hughes On South East Radio’s Morning Mix

"We all have to pull together. And this starts, locally." Neil Hughes, Managing Partner, chats about the value of local media and shares practical tips on how we can support small businesses as the economy starts to reopen. Listen here:   Also listen: How Can Irish Businesses Navigate the Return to Work Phase? 

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Podcast: Neil Hughes On South East Radio’s Morning Mix

 “The process of examinership has the capacity in the next couple of years, to save thousands upon thousands of jobs across Ireland.” Neil Hughes, Managing Partner, on the mechanisms of examinership and why the €120 million Trinity Wharf project in County Wexford is the type of world class infrastructure that will attract foreign direct investment [...]

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SPOTLIGHT ON EXAMINERSHIP: ‘Success Stories – Challenges Met and Overcome’

As businesses respond to COVID-19, it’s important to remember that with the right support and strategies in place, significant challenges can be overcome. In the final part of our 'Spotlight' series on examinership, Dessie Morrow, Corporate Advisory Director, writes about companies which have engaged in the examinership process due to testing times. We have been [...]

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Neil Hughes on News Talk – Breakfast Business with Vincent Wall

As we face an unprecedented level of uncertainty, what can businesses do to navigate the challenges ahead, ensuring they mitigate the negative impact of coronavirus on their operations? Neil Hughes, Managing Partner, discusses. Listen here:   If you have any questions on the topics discussed, contact Neil Hughes, Managing Partner, on 01 669 [...]

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