Tackling your New Year’s resolutions….

Tackling your New Year’s resolutions….

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10. Stop complaining… the recession is over… politicians, the weather, brexit … stop cribbing…start living… take action.

9. Dont bring recession legacy issues into 2019. Might be customers you dont want… a part of the business that is unprofitable… leave it all behind. You have survived the recession. This is your shot. You have now survived the recovery.. you have a second bite at the cherry… don’t let it go to waste… because there is no third bite of the cherry.

8. Especially for restaurants and bars.. put up your prices. Great to see a 4pc increase sign up in Enniscorthy yesterday.

7. Get a business and marketing plan together… stop sitting waiting for business to come to you … go out and get it with a new modern business plan that includes an online digital strategy.

6. Get a Brexit plan together. What would a big change in sterling mean, what happens if there are barriers to dealing with the UK…

5. Look after your staff better in 2019 than you did in 2018. They have options this year they didn’t have in 2018. That includes yourself btw… Get your pension back in place.

4. Give to charity. A lot of charitable donations were cancelled in 2009 and 2010 and were never reinstated.

3. Don’t put up with negativity around you. Negative people around you that drain you… Show them the gate.

2. Get out in front of your clients. Spend more time in front of real people instead of in front of your laptop. Get out from behind your desk. Better still … sell your desk.

1. Get a better work life balance. Cut your week from 65 to 55 hours. Next year bring it back to 45. You can’t bring it all with you…

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