Please be advised that all relevant entities are required to file their beneficial ownership submissions with the Register of Beneficial Ownership no later than the 22nd of November, 2019.

“It is imperative that company directors and secretaries take action now in respect of this upcoming deadline to ensure that their filings are made on time,” said Gráinne Howard, Director, Corporate Governance & Compliance.

“The CRO have confirmed that there is no extension currently being discussed which leaves the current deadline of 22nd of November, 2019 standing. Only the Department of Finance may choose to implement an extension which they are not currently considering.

“With a 24% rejection rate, companies should start the process of filing their RBO information immediately to ensure enough time to take action to rectify any of their personal details that may have expired against their PPS number (e.g. address, incorrect application of maiden/married name).”

For further information on the directive and how Baker Tilly’s Corporate Governance & Compliance Department can assist your company in remaining compliant, read more here