The values of Baker Tilly are; Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, No Ego and Drive. They are at the heart of what our firm is about. As part of our support of the All-Ireland Camogie 7s at Kilmacud Crokes, Baker Tilly are delighted to highlight team members and their stories; these players represent our values every day and they continue to inspire others on and off the pitch.

“I played for Dublin at under-age levels for a couple of years, it was a good experience to meet girls from other clubs and to play against other counties,” says Charlotte O’Farrell. “I stopped playing intercounty after a couple of years because I was happy to just play club camogie and keep up hockey in school.

Charlotte was six when she took up camogie and has remained attached to the game ever since. Now 20, she has been playing for the Senior team since 2016. Skill and talent aside, Charlotte sets a precedent for fostering good character, always handling herself gracefully. She represents our ‘No Ego’ value.

What characteristics make a great team player? 

“A team player has to be supportive of every team-mate. They should always be positive of everyone’s performances and welcoming to new players.

“A team player should be open to new ideas and tactics which are in the team’s best interest even if it means playing in an unusual position.

 What does being a team player mean to you? 

“To me, a team player means enjoying playing with all of your teammates and putting in 100% effort. It also means looking after each other both on and off the pitch.”


What do you love most about camogie? Is friendship a significant part of the game?

“The friendship element is a major part of camogie. There’s a handful of us who have played together all the way up since we were 6 so we’ve grown up together. It’s so nice having a bunch of friends outside of school / college who know each other so well.

“It’s also been lovely meeting the younger and older girls and getting to know them all. We get on really well so training’s always good fun. Camogie’s also a great distraction from any stress, exams etc., it’s the ideal break.

It’s great for fitness, especially because I way prefer being outside than being stuck in a gym. It’s a fast and skilful sport and there’s more freedom compared to other sports I’ve played such as tennis and hockey so I find it more exciting.”

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Sevens?

“I can’t wait for a day with all of the girls and to play against lots of new teams. Fitness will definitely be an interesting challenge! There’s always a great atmosphere at the Sevens, everyone’s there to play well but more importantly to enjoy the day.”