Meet Our Trainee: Roisin O’Friel

Meet Our Trainee: Roisin O’Friel

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When did you join the company?

I began working in Baker Tilly’s Corporate Finance department in August of this year.

Summary of Role.

My role revolves around managing an investment fund; carrying out due diligence on potential investees, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies, fundraising and engaging with investors.

What made you want to work in your area?

In college, I did a broad Business degree and specialised in Accountancy in my final two years. I was drawn to Baker Tilly’s graduate program because it gave me the opportunity to train as a Chartered Accountant.

Corporate finance particularly appealed to me because it encompasses many different aspects of accountancy practices and business analysis.

What’s been your biggest challenge so far?

Getting up to speed with practices and procedures is always difficult when you take on a new role.

But over time, with more exposure, guidance and practice, it gets easier. Once you gain confidence in your area of work, the rest falls into place. But asking for clarification never goes amiss!

What’s the most interesting thing you have learned to date?

For me, I particularly enjoy analysing different businesses and assessing their suitability for the Fund. I’ve been able to network with entrepreneurs and gain insight into very niche industries.

Describe Baker Tilly in three words.

Forward Thinking Professionals

What advice would you give those who are interested in pursuing a career in Baker Tilly?

Just be prepared that studying for professional exams whilst working isn’t a menial task. Time is definitely constrained. But as long as you’re prepared to apply yourself and put in the hours, it will all pay off.

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