Meet Our Trainee: Orla Martyn

Meet Our Trainee: Orla Martyn

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When did you join the company?

I joined the company on August 1, 2019.

Summary of Role.

As a trainee in the tax department, my role involves working with the directors and managers in various areas of tax, whether it be VAT with Ruth Linehan or Corporation Tax with Brendan Murphy. In recent weeks, the majority of my work has been in income tax compliance. This involves communication with both clients and the Revenue Commissioners to compose and file the clients Income Tax Returns for 2018.

Why did you apply for a role at Baker Tilly?

I spent a year working in another, smaller firm in Dublin in which I was working in audit, accounts and tax. During this year I discovered that I had a real interest in tax and decided I wanted to expand my knowledge in a larger firm.

Baker Tilly was ideal as it isn’t so big that you get stuck in one area and struggle to get experience elsewhere, whilst still being big enough to offer a broader experience.

What’s the most interesting thing about working in your department?

The most interesting thing about working in tax is the huge array of clients we get, and subsequently the work. We get experience in a variety of areas of tax so we can really build up our skills and discover where we work best. Having not come from a strong accounting or tax background, I find this extremely helpful.

Have there been any surprises since you joined the firm?

I found it surprising how integrated the firm is. Along with my team, I have found that everyone is extremely social and there is always someone around to chat to during a coffee break or at lunch.

Describe Baker Tilly in three words.

Social, dynamic and inclusive.

Why will grads love life at Baker Tilly?

Grads will love the social side of Baker Tilly. There is obviously a lot of work, especially around deadlines, but there is also a great social atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and there is often a social event in the pipeline.

When it comes to classes, it is great to have a group of people attending; it often makes it easier to actually go after a long day at work. Everyone is very supportive and will help as much as they can if asked, and when one person has exam success everyone celebrates.

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