My journey from a Spanish intern to sitting my final ACCA exams

My journey from a Spanish intern to sitting my final ACCA exams

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Originally from a small town in Spain called Soria, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in business and have the ability to travel with my job. This led me to complete a Diploma in Accounts, finance and administration as I knew this course had the potential to open many doors for me. Following the completion of my diploma, I began my accounting experience as a trainee in 2011. I had moved from Spain to Dublin to complete a 10-week internship in the Corporate Recovery department at Hughes Blake, it was an opportunity to improve my English while experiencing a new culture.

My previous work experience as a nanny was worlds apart from the corporate world I had plunged into. Although my English was not perfect, I took the opportunity to learn English from my colleagues and new-found friends which improved my English fluency and literacy. My entire work and life environment had changed however, it was a welcomed change and those early days in Hughes Blake will forever remind me of how far I have come and how they have enabled me to become the professional I am today.

My initial 10 weeks at Hughes Blake gave me a valuable insight into the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery department something I would never have been exposed to in my previous work experience. After my 6 months work experience and a conversation with Neil Hughes, Manging Partner, he recruited me as a trainee and I began my career as a trainee accountant studying for my ACCA exams.

During my time in the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery department I grew as an employee and more specifically as a person, soaking up the new terminology, and information was certainly an experience in itself. The work was always diverse which made for a great learning experience, different cases and clients always made my working environment a hive of activity. My day often varied from employee claims, bank dealings and AML, the team I was part of were providing recovery and insolvency services to help businesses confront and overcome issues they may be experiencing.

After many years of working in the Insolvency and Corporate Recovery department, I wanted to get a different sense of the accounting profession. I decided to move to the Audit department to get an insight into the mechanics of accounting.

From a trainee accountant at Hughes Blake, I have been very fortunate on my journey from a Spanish intern to an almost qualified accountant as per the ACCA Institution at Baker Tilly Hughes Blake.

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