The values of Baker Tilly are; Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, No Ego and Drive. They are at the heart of what our firm is about. As part of our support of the All-Ireland Camogie 7s at Kilmacud Crokes, Baker Tilly are delighted to highlight team members and their stories; these players represent our values every day and they continue to inspire others on and off the pitch.

What makes playing camogie with Kilmacud Crokes so special? According to Michelle O’ Hurley, the answer is simple: Friendship.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to make friends for life and is really the main reason why I think so many of us have been playing for so long,” she says.

“It’s a very special thing to be part of and having been out with injuries at different times over the years, the camogie team was always such a supportive environment; it definitely made it easy going training and getting back to playing.”

Since she was five, Michelle (25) has been playing camogie with Kilmacud Crokes.

No stranger to triumph, her secondary school were victorious in the Senior All-Ireland Camogie School’s final and she has won multiple leagues and championships with the teams in Kilmacud Crokes “including the Senior 3 Championship in 2017 which was an incredible achievement for the club.”

She was also on the Dublin Camogie panel from U14 to Minor, where she won the U16 Div. 1 Leinster Championship. While Michelle is clearly a supremely talented athlete, she brings something particularly special to the game, a value integral to sports: Integrity.

What does ‘Integrity’ mean to you in terms of being a good athlete? Why is integrity in sport important?

“For me, it’s about being honest in the way you train, play and interact in the team. Taking personal responsibility for yourself and forever giving encouragement to your team mates. It’s holding yourself to a standard, committing to training and giving 100% every time; leaving the pitch knowing you’ve given your best effort and that everyone else around you has too.

“This makes the team bond stronger because when you see other players putting in huge effort to improve their skill and fitness, it motivates you to work harder too. I think it’s what really drives a team forward; everyone is committed to the same goal. Yes to win championships but also to develop a strong team committed to each other.”

Can you give example(s) of how you take personal responsibility seriously?


“Everyone plays an important role on the team; I think that’s why we have such a nice bond and have a really committed group of players. I try my best to always make training and then at training, always encouraging and supporting others.


“I would have been out with injuries for a while and it was so important to me to get back to training and to get my fitness back so I always made an effort to get training and to do extra training for myself to get back to the pace. It’s just about making sure you’re in the right place and mindset to show up for training and matches, you have a personal responsibility for yourself but also for your team.”