Have you noticed how much information there is on leadership?

There is a wealth of material in existence. Publications, academics, podcasts, studies, surveys, TED Talks. Add in stories of leaders into the mix (business, sporting, political) and it is easy to become confused as to what is the right approach to leadership.

Let’s simplify it and ask ourselves; how can I lead my team more effectively?

Lead by example

Not only is this effective; it will earn respect.

Don’t ask someone to do something that you as a leader are not prepared to do. Exhibit the behaviour that you ask and expect of others.

Consider practical, every-day things such as ‘rolling up your sleeves’ and getting into the work, taking time to explain and share knowledge and experiences, showing up early for work and meetings, being meticulous with details and staying committed to tasks and decisions.

Expect your employees to embody your firm’s values? Live your firm’s values and demonstrate them daily in everything you do.

Whether it’s your work ethic, attitude or the way in which you interact and communicate with colleagues and clients, your employees take their cues from you.

Be the blueprint for your organisation. Set an example of excellence and don’t let it falter.

Inclusiveness and empowerment

An inclusive, motivated, empowered and happy team generates a positive environment and boosts performance.

It’s important to be inclusive and involve the team. Invite team members to meetings, share information, be open to feedback, ask for input, empower them.

Let the team take more responsibility. An important hallmark of empowerment and responsibility is accountability. A good team will relish the challenge.


Recognise and appreciate your team. Acknowledging their successes with a simple “well done” can go a long way. Say “thank you” more often. Check in with them to see where they’re at in terms of professional and personal progression. Are they open to new challenges? How can you help them?

Lead with integrity

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do in Baker Tilly. It’s one of our core values; we live by it and reinforce it in our organisation. It means being honest and always committed to doing the right thing.

When you lead by example, involve and empower the team and act with integrity, this will encourage others to do the same, in turn creating an environment of transparency and effective leadership.

Aidan Kearney is a Partner and leads the Advisory and Audit/Accounting teams in Baker Tilly Ireland.

To learn more about Aidan Kearney, visit him on LinkedIn.