Heatwaves and Hospitality go hand in hand

Heatwaves and Hospitality go hand in hand

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As the new school year commences for students around the country let’s take a moment to reflect on Summer 2018.

The temperature rises

While the temperatures rose across the country those operating in hospitality, food & beverage industry saw a boost to customer numbers and with it turnover. There was an increase in the number of overseas visitors to our shores compared to the same period last year, up >6%, and increased domestic spend as the economic recovery brings more disposable income to households.

Tourism growth

Tourism alone generated almost €6 billon in revenue across Ireland in the last year and employs approximately 280,000 people on the island of Ireland. Bord Failte and local government schemes are encouraging the sector with marketing campaigns of the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East.

Here in the South East of Ireland funding programs such as Leader are encouraging local entrepreneurs to create unique visitors attractions, open strawberry farms, distilleries, food trails and wineries to name a few. Local hoteliers work together to attract tourists, rejuvenating long time neglected small village hotels to create boutique seaside accommodation.

Summer 2018

We have seen a boost to the industry, assisting the South East recovery story. With a boost in cashflow there are funds available for new ventures, expansions and development. Drafting the business plans and stepping out the cashflow forecasts. But as its Ireland we live in, its always worth putting a little away for rainy day fund.

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