Technology has changed the way we do business; this we know.

As our professional lives are impacted almost daily by advances in technology, it’s important we recognise that we need to adapt and evolve in order to thrive. Organisations and their people need to adapt to survive.

The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) predicts that by 2030 almost 14% of the workforce will be forced to change careers because of advances in technology. In an era of digitalisation, the most successful businesses will be those with experienced employees, willing to adapt to the changing demands of the organisation.

Accountancy is no different; as traditional accounting processes become more automated, the need for employees to learn new skills becomes even more important.

Employees themselves want to progress and work for a company that supports them in building and advancing their career. Ireland’s job market remains in a strong position so there are plenty of opportunities for candidates out there. However, this does not necessarily mean employees want to switch companies.

Paving the way 

In 2018, LinkedIn released a report highlighting the importance of career development to employees; 94% said they would rather stay with their current employer provided there was a clear career development path which presented them with learning and development opportunities.

Cultivating a culture of learning can improve organisational performance, boost an individual’s performance in areas such as efficiency and productivity and ultimately benefit the employer. Providing appropriate training empowers your employees to take responsibility and be accountable for their output. Even better, they start to seek more challenging responsibilities.

Let’s consider what the upskilling itself might look like.

While technology has changed the landscape dramatically, upskilling is not just about technical skills. Advances in technology mean that it’s no longer common for people to perform monotonous tasks which facilitates development beyond the technical sphere.

Upskilling can and should focus on personal effectiveness enabling employees to be more effective in their communication with clients which in turn enhances clients’ experience.

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