Exploring Communication and its role in successful business

Exploring Communication and its role in successful business

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Communication is a vital component of life. We are constantly communicating but are we doing so efficiently? Can we get better? Here are the key steps involved in effective communication that will contribute to the increased success of your business.

1. Concise: Communication between parties should be short. It should not be long-winded considering our attention spans are estimated at roughly 12 seconds.

2. Clear: There should be clarity in the conversations that are held between parties. Information should be clear and precise with minimal use of jargon if possible. This ensures a higher probability of understanding between the parties.

3. Feedback: This is vital to the communication process. Feedback shows that the listener understands what is being communicated. In addition, it allows for the listener to seek further clarification on points they do not totally understand or give insight into a problem from their point of view.

Advantages of Effective Communication:

Positive Brand Management: Public Relations and other key information touch points with consumers all require effective communication to manage successfully. Effective communication allows for a positive, consistent and well-constructed messages to be communicated to consumers whilst engaging in feedback with consumers allows for your brand to improve.

Decreases Conflict: Effective communication is useful for quelling potential conflict from the beginning of a relationship. If everybody communicates effectively to gain a resolution that everybody can agree on from the beginning of the work relationship, less time will have to be wasted on conflicts down the line.

Promotes Creativity and Innovation: If you foster a work environment in which all ideas are tolerated, this will foster a more open communicative dialogue in which people will feel comfortable communicating their visions. Follow the effective communication process and in turn, your company should see growth in creative thinking and innovation. Diversity of thought should be promoted.

My Advice: It is vital to ensure an open line of dialogue in your business that fosters effective communication. The importance of communication in contributing to the success of your business cannot be understated so time must be allotted to building a culture around communication.

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