Establishing yourself as an authority in your field of expertise is a sure way to stand out and make an impact on those around you. Once you have established this authority it allows you to reach new levels of success and become a thought leader amongst peers and colleagues.

To become truly influential you must first start with sharing your expertise, then maintaining this consistency through building your personal band and finding ways to share your knowledge.

The following methods are key to becoming an influential figure in today’s society:

1- Become active on LinkedIn
LinkedIn has become a pivotal platform for driving professional growth. Many of us are not utilising our LinkedIn accounts to their full potential, however this platform can provide many opportunities for us to showcase our knowledge and become a key influencing personality in our field of expertise. To take advantage of these opportunities we must share thought provoking articles, news and tips, opinions and questions. This will allow followers to know we are paying attention, whilst giving heightened credibility.

2- Create conversations
Creating conversations around topics related to your field will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and share your own ideas and opinions. This is a sure way to gain exposure with a greater audience, whether this be through publishing articles, online blogs, hosting podcasts or speaking on radio. It is important to pick a few sub topics and focus your discussions around your niche expertise, using this as the basis for your content.

3- Become a teacher in your field
Lastly, one of the most effective ways to establishing authority in your sector is through sharing your knowledge, either by teaching workshops or online classes. These steps are a sure way to make yourself known in your field, allowing you to grow a community and help others progress by sharing your expertise. Teaching is not only a powerful way to gain authority in your field, but can also be incredibly rewarding as well.

My Advice:
Following these steps to becoming a thought leader in your field will enable you to effectively stand out against competition, and inspire trust in potential clients coming forward through your heightened credibility and expertise. Whichever methods you use, it is important to build upon the things that will ultimately make you unique and set you apart.