‘The values of Baker Tilly are; Excellence, Integrity, Commitment, No Ego and Drive. They are at the heart of what our firm is about. As part of our support of the All-Ireland Camogie 7s at Kilmacud Crokes, Baker Tilly are delighted to highlight team members and their stories; these players represent our values every day and they continue to inspire others on and off the pitch.’

“A friend in school asked me to come along and I’ve never looked back,” says Sorcha Meagher.

Sorcha, who is Captain of the Crokes’ Senior Team, started camogie in Kilmacud Crokes’ Nursery when she was six. Since then, she has gone on to win two Dublin championships (2014 & 2016.)

A part from her sporting prowess, Sorcha is a driving force both on and off the pitch.

Over the last few years, Sorcha who is now 28, has spurred the team forward from lower divisions to where they currently play in second division. She has also played a significant role in creating and reinforcing the wonderful bond that exists among the current group of adult camogie players in the club.

Always moving forward, Sorcha continues to improve her own skills as a player. She strives to be better and perfectly embodies our ‘Drive’ value.

What does your role as Team Captain involve?

“My role of captain involves showing leadership skills on and off the pitch, being the point of contact for communication between management and players and endeavouring to create a good atmosphere within the group.”

How do you drive the team forward?

“I think the biggest factor in driving the team forward is to ensure that there is a good atmosphere within the group.

“Personally, I try to lead by example by giving 100% at training. Luckily enough the atmosphere in the group is really strong and the addition of new players every year makes the group go from strength to strength; they make my job as captain very easy.”

How has the game of camogie changed over the years?

“The game has changed considerably since I started. There has always been a huge focus on mastering the skills of the game however the focus on the physical side of the game has increased massively over the last number of years.

“This has resulted in the game becoming much faster and physically demanding. I think the next step in ensuring the future evolution of the game will be the review and removal of the non-contact element of the sport.”

What makes the sevens so special?

“The event is steeped in tradition as a staple event of all-Ireland final weekend. I have so many great memories of the sevens as both a spectator and as a player. It’s an amazing opportunity to see and compete against the best players from across the island of