Our Offices Are Open

From June 29th, we are delighted to welcome our clients and visitors back to our Dublin office. We do so with constant regard to the HSE advice and guidelines for the safety of you and our staff. It is essential, we can control the number of people on our premises, so please: Only call to [...]

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OVER 15,000 JOBS SAVED THROUGH EXAMINERSHIP IN LAST 9 YEARS Baker Tilly Examinership Index Shows that 501 Jobs were saved in 2018 31st January 2019: Baker Tilly has today announced that 330 companies applied for the appointment of an Examiner and 15,284 jobs have been saved through the examinership corporate recovery mechanism in the nine [...]

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How to accelerate your career development

In the age of frequent job hopping, the importance of self-career development is an increasingly vital component to an individual’s success within the workplace. For ambitious employees, self-development can be extremely effective for enhancing professional progression and acceleration up the career ladder. In order to progress the following steps can be taken: 1. Find a [...]

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Establishing authority in your field of expertise

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field of expertise is a sure way to stand out and make an impact on those around you. Once you have established this authority it allows you to reach new levels of success and become a thought leader amongst peers and colleagues. To become truly influential you must [...]

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Tackling your New Year’s resolutions….

10. Stop complaining... the recession is over... politicians, the weather, brexit ... stop cribbing...start living... take action. 9. Dont bring recession legacy issues into 2019. Might be customers you dont want... a part of the business that is unprofitable... leave it all behind. You have survived the recession. This is your shot. You have now [...]

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Baker Tilly are delighted to announce the launch of the Goodbody 2018 EIIS Fund through our joint Venture with Goodbody Stockbrokers

Investors in the Fund can qualify for income tax relief of up to 40% on their investment. Benefits of Investing in the Goodbody 2018 EIIS Fund The Fund will invest across a portfolio of investments thereby reducing the risk profile of the investment. Focus on indigenous Irish companies with future growth potential. Strong fund management [...]

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