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11 Things To Know About Ireland’s New Central Register Of Beneficial Ownership

The Central Register of Beneficial Ownership introduces a new and separate filing obligation that all legal and corporate entities must comply with. Filing was due to commence on June 22, 2019; however, it has been temporarily postponed. The deadline remains as November 22, 2019. All corporate entities registered in Ireland will be required to file. [...]

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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About EIIS

The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) offers a 40% tax break to Irish tax-payers which encourages the provision of equity-based finance to qualifying Irish SMEs. The tax relief is split into two tranches with 30% of the investment amount available as a reduction to taxable income (operating similarly to a pension contribution) in the [...]

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Tax Considerations For Irish Employers Sending Employees Abroad

Permanent Establishment (‘PE’) A permanent establishment in a foreign country may be created by an employee carrying out duties in that country. It would be important to consider the activities being carried out by the people located in a jurisdiction in each instance. Although the concept of what constitutes a PE is relatively common among [...]

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An Intern’s Insight: ‘My Biggest Surprise Has Been The Personal Side Of Accounting’

Like many students, I wanted a Summer Internship experience at an internationally recognised firm that would give me invaluable skills for my professional career. And so, I applied for Baker Tilly, joining the Corporate Recovery Department. Although I was initially apprehensive, after a month here, I can safely say that I made the right decision. [...]

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Why Corporate Diversity is Invaluable

What do we want? Diversity. When do we want it? Now. New Ross has recently been chosen to become an Autism Friendly Town. According to publications, this will require the involvement of business and community groups. Parents of children with autism have also expressed an interest in getting involved. There’s no doubt, it’s an extremely [...]

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Tax Considerations for Foreign Employers Locating to Ireland

Permanent Establishment (‘PE’) A permanent establishment may be created by a presence such as an ‘office’ or place of management. When a foreign employer sends an employee to carry out certain duties in Ireland, one must consider if the employee’s presence could give rise to an ‘office’ or presence in Ireland. Overall, whether or not [...]

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47 Jobs Saved As iSupply Exits Examinership

We are beyond delighted to announce that iSupply Limited, who employs 47 people in Galway, has exited examinership. In March, Mr. Dessie Morrow was appointed as the examiner of iSupply, a digital and offset printing company. Their services range from graphic design, large scale and outdoor signage to car and van decals. Mr. Morrow welcomed [...]

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Employee Global Mobility: Brexit and Non-Irish Domiciled Status

As the Brexit resolution continues to roll on, employers and employees are increasingly seeking advice in relation to payroll taxes and income tax obligations in Ireland. Non-Irish Domiciled Status – Brexit considerations There is no definition of domicile in Irish tax law and the determining principles are found in case law. In effect, your domicile [...]

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Trends, Insights & Approaches to Learning and Development

‘’Ancora imparo – I am still learning’’ Michelangelo The learning landscape is evolving. Over the last ten or fifteen years, the field of learning and development in business has attracted a great deal of attention. Most companies focus on learning as they compete to recruit and retain talent while employees are continuously trying to upskill [...]

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Paul Hegarty appointed as Tax Manager.

Baker Tilly are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Hegarty as Tax Manager within our growing tax department. Paul has extensive experience in areas such as personal tax and corporate tax compliance, succession planning, employee global mobility, and corporate advisory. Baker Tilly is the Republic of Ireland representative of Baker Tilly International, one of [...]

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