Budget 2021 is to be announced tomorrow and we await Minister Paschal Donohoe’s financial plan for the coming year with much anticipation.

This year’s Budget has to represent the Government’s financial strategy to survive both Brexit and Covid-19. We look forward to a Budget that will provide some level of hope through stimulus measures and also certainty as to what the future Irish financial landscape will look like.

In particular, business groups such as the hospitality, tourism, construction and retail sectors need support and we hope that measures will be taken to encourage those with large cash balances on deposit to spend and invest in the local economy. The question on everyone’s mind is: How are we going to pay for the support measures required to face the future? We trust that the Government will provide clear answers to this tomorrow.

We at Baker Tilly are here to work with you to achieve your future plan irrespective of what announcements are made.

If you have any queries following tomorrow’s Budget announcement, feel free to contact Alma O’Brien on (01) 669 9999.

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