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Finance Bill 2020

The details of Finance Bill 2020 were announced by the Department of Finance yesterday afternoon, with some minor updates and details from Budget 2021 announced just over a week ago. We have analysed four main points contained within Finance Bill 2021. Readers should refer back to Baker Tilly’s ‘Budget 2021 Analysis’ for further detail of [...]

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Budget 2021 Analysis

“We will come through this. And from the ashes of the pandemic, together, we will build a stronger, more resilient Ireland.” Opening this year’s budget speech with a strong message of solidarity and hope for the Irish people, Minister Paschal Donohoe described Budget 2021 as a bridge to a better future. In a year where [...]

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Baker Tilly’s Budget 2021 Wish List

With Budget 2021 only days away, we have compiled a number of tax measures to assist our clients in the coming year.  In a year that no one could have foreseen, Budget 2021 is more important than ever for Ireland. There is always some level of uncertainty surrounding what the Budget will contain and how [...]

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Covid-19: Tax Liabilities and Cash-Flow Considerations

Written by Brendan Murphy, Tax Director, and Kevin Donovan, Tax Consultant/Senior  Read full article here. This article first appeared in Irish Tax Review, Vol. 33 No. 2 (2020) © Irish Tax Institute   *Updated* Key Measures from the July Stimulus Plan Read our insights below on some of the initiatives outlined in the Government's July [...]

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July 2020 Jobs Stimulus Key Tax Measures & Funding Supports

On 23 July the Irish Government announced the €7.4 billion July Jobs Stimulus, a package aimed at getting people back to work as the Irish economy continues to reopen following the shutdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has stated that the package will “build economic confidence, within public health constraints, and deliver [...]

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Apple Case – Irish Victory or €13bn Loss?

As the Irish Government and Apple win their appeal against the European Commission’s €13 billion tax ruling, our Tax team share their insights. With little sporting action taking place at present, Ireland celebrated a victory of a different kind this week. On Wednesday morning, 15 July 2020, it was announced that the Irish government and [...]

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Moving or Returning to Ireland: What are the Tax Considerations?

There are many tax considerations to weigh up when moving or returning to Ireland. Brendan Murphy and Amy Hartnett discuss. “Could you tell me the way to Innisfree?” The tax nerds among us who have watched The Quiet Man might wonder was John Wayne’s character, Sean Thornton, prepared with the appropriate tax advice when he [...]

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Budget 2020: Let’s Talk About VAT

In the sixth of our eight articles leading up to Budget 2020, we discuss VAT. VAT is an EU tax, meaning that all EU Member States must broadly align their rules for VAT within an agreed legal framework that sets out minimum and maximum rates; this ensures that VAT does not affect competition within the [...]

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Key Employee Engagement Programme – Building Together

In this week’s article, we analyse the Key Employee Engagement Programme also known as the “KEEP scheme.” Historically, gains on exercise of share options would have been subject to income tax for employees at the date of exercise. Given our high marginal income tax rates, the ability to incentivise staff through share schemes had been [...]

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