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Why Corporate Diversity is Invaluable

What do we want? Diversity. When do we want it? Now. New Ross has recently been chosen to become an Autism Friendly Town. According to publications, this will require the involvement of business and community groups. Parents of children with autism have also expressed an interest in getting involved. There’s no doubt, it’s an extremely [...]

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Establishing authority in your field of expertise

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field of expertise is a sure way to stand out and make an impact on those around you. Once you have established this authority it allows you to reach new levels of success and become a thought leader amongst peers and colleagues. To become truly influential you must [...]

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Tackling your New Year’s resolutions….

10. Stop complaining... the recession is over... politicians, the weather, brexit ... stop cribbing...start living... take action. 9. Dont bring recession legacy issues into 2019. Might be customers you dont want... a part of the business that is unprofitable... leave it all behind. You have survived the recession. This is your shot. You have now [...]

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Networking tips for future success

Many people attend networking events to gain something: job leads, referrals, exposure, connections, or opportunities to grow their business. Regardless of your reason for attending networking events, understanding the best practices will help you to make the most of your time, allowing you to form connections that will boost your career and help you to [...]

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Steps to improve business resilience

What is business resilience? The concept of business resilience has been attracting a lot of attention recently; and with businesses across Ireland preparing for the changes that will be brought about from Brexit, improving resilience has never been more important. Business resilience can be described as an organisation’s ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond to [...]

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Why businesses fail to adapt to change

The Changing Business Environment Businesses are continually facing change, whether these changes are big or small, it is important for firms to be aware of trends ahead of time. Most notably change is occurring from increased competition, rapidly changing consumer preferences and a volatile economic environment. However, the way in which companies’ deal with these [...]

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Equipping leaders to build our future

To be a leader – that is what many strive for. Some are natural leaders while others learn through life experience. Are you a leader if you are a manager? Possibly but not irrefutably. It is possible to be a manager and not a leader as much as it is possible to be a leader [...]

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Entrepreneurship – The fundamentals of success

Entrepreneurship can be one of the most gratifying and fulfilling moments of a career. When launching your own business. There are many aspects of the journey that will prove difficult but that does not mean they cannot be overcome. Many successful ventures hinge on one causal narrative; the strength of the idea behind it. An [...]

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Millennials: The most powerful consumers in the world

The millennial generation, often criticised for their over-reliance on technology as well as for their perceived differences in attitudes to both work and life, are now entering the most significant age range for economic activity – 22-37 years. On top of this, the millennial generation has outnumbered baby boomers worldwide for over 25 years. Statistics [...]

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International Men’s Health

With men’s health, both physical and mental becoming a talking point day by day, it is important to celebrate International Men’s Health Week. Celebrated in most European countries, the overall aims of the week are to: • Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages • Support men and boys to engage [...]

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