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How to Lead Your Team More Effectively

Have you noticed how much information there is on leadership? There is a wealth of material in existence. Publications, academics, podcasts, studies, surveys, TED Talks. Add in stories of leaders into the mix (business, sporting, political) and it is easy to become confused as to what is the right approach to leadership. Let’s simplify it [...]

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The key steps to facilitating successful change in business

Change is now an every day facet of business. The market place is a much more volatile arena to conduct business than in the past which poses opportunities and threats to businesses. The ability to change constantly and efficiently allows firms to gain competitive advantage. Many businesses who refused to shift along with technological trends [...]

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International Expansion

Doing business across borders has never been easier: we are all global citizens, we have access to improved technology daily, and our minds are open to endless possibilities. Business is no longer defined in political or geographic terms; the value of your products or services define their appeal. Driving towards international business models: Growth and [...]

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Growth by Acquisition – Key Steps to Success

As successful businesses in Ireland with strong balance sheets start to look forward to 2018, Baker Tilly outlines the key steps to a successful acquisition and how our Corporate Finance Advisory and Transactions experts can add real value to the process. Identifying and approaching target companies If you choose the wrong targets initially or approach [...]

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