Are your social media platforms working as hard as you?

Are your social media platforms working as hard as you?

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Social media helps build brand awareness and engage your audience outside of the company website. No matter what you sell or who you sell it to, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow and build your brand locally, nationally and internationally. If you are not using social media as a small business owner, you are missing out on valuable customers and inexpensive marketing.

Social media provides targeting capability, as well as reach and scale at a lower cost than almost all other marketing channels. People are on social media all day, every day – brands must go where the people are.

While you should be marketing on social media, you should not necessarily be on every social media platform. It is important for you to invest in the platforms where you are more likely to reach and engage with your target audience. At Baker Tilly Hughes Blake, the primary social media platform we use is LinkedIn, over the last year and a half, we have grown our LinkedIn presence from zero to 1,510 organically.

Provide valuable and shareable content
When it comes to building your businesses brand reputation in the market place, you must create useful content that viewers will want to share, rather than sharing out content to meet publishing calendars.

Keep the following principles in mind as you craft content for social sharing:

1. Every single piece of content you share should support your brand image. Avoid clickbait strategies that have the potential to reflect poorly on your business.
2. Assess which content is most likely to gain visibility on your social networks. Images may resonate better with your audience than blog posts.
3. Use visual content. Articles with images receive 94 percent more views that articles without supporting images. On Twitter content with images receive nearly twice as many view hits as text posts, even though there are seven times more text posts on Twitter.

Building brand credibility through online platforms

Be real, authentic, and empathetic with your business connections. Be everything you would expect from your own interactions with people. When you are engaging with people on social media, it is best to assume all interactions are public. At Baker Tilly Hughes Blake, we like to show our connections updates from our business and add a personal touch as well. Our blogs have bios of the authors so that our connections can get to know us on a human level as well as receive helpful trusted information.

Strive to make everyone you interact with feel like they are a part of your business. Baker Tilly Hughes Blake caters to clients in a wide-range of industries and sectors and beyond so we want to make sure our information is useful to everyone including potential clients and our network as a whole.

My advice:

Investing in your network of relationships needs to be long-standing and show commitment and reliability in your brand. Be consistent and know the more you invest, the more you will get back from your business connections. No matter which platform you are using, the value of social media is found in the conversation. You are engaging your clients and potential customers with the information you are providing. Baker Tilly Hughes Blake values our family of clients and network connections and strives to become an extension of their business.

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