An Intern’s Insight: ‘My Biggest Surprise Has Been The Personal Side Of Accounting’

An Intern’s Insight: ‘My Biggest Surprise Has Been The Personal Side Of Accounting’

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Like many students, I wanted a Summer Internship experience at an internationally recognised firm that would give me invaluable skills for my professional career.

And so, I applied for Baker Tilly, joining the Corporate Recovery Department. Although I was initially apprehensive, after a month here, I can safely say that I made the right decision.

My early apprehension was due to the fact that as a student of Business and Politics, I had very little experience in the world of accounting.

I’m not going to lie, trying to keep up with large amounts of new information was a challenge at the beginning.

However, thanks to my very helpful and supportive team, any issues or problems I had were immediately addressed. While I continue to be challenged, I am also learning so many skills.

I get a brilliant insight into the inner workings of businesses and the many challenges they face.

“Baker Tilly places huge focus on the individual”

Perhaps my biggest surprise has been the more personal side of accounting. Corporate Recovery includes a great deal of regular communication with clients, creditors, solicitors etc, in which strong interpersonal skills are essential.

From managing our databases and working on correspondence with different clients such as invoices and cheques, to meeting solicitors so they can sign off on legal documents, my daily tasks are quite varied.

Recently, I represented the firm at the gradIreland Graduate Careers Fair which was interesting, considering I have been an attendee at similar events in the past.

My favourite thing about Baker Tilly is the atmosphere in the office. The environment here is particularly warm and I felt like I was part of the team almost straight away. Given that the firm also employs a young workforce (including many Summer Interns like myself), it has been a hugely positive experience so far.

While some firms employ over a hundred interns each year – which may lead to people possibly feeling like a cog in the system – Baker Tilly places huge focus on the individual, allowing skills to develop in a far more positive working environment.

I can’t wait to tackle any challenges that might come my way over the coming months.

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