An Intern’s Insight: ‘It’s An Exciting Time To Be At Baker Tilly’

An Intern’s Insight: ‘It’s An Exciting Time To Be At Baker Tilly’

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Your summer is short, so when deciding to do an internship, you want to be sure that it either brings you one step closer to that dream job or simply gives you the opportunity to work out what you want to do in life.

It’s not ideal to realise that at the end of the two months, all you know is how the printer works and how your manager took their coffee!

Finding the right company is essential. A company that gives you the opportunity to experience new things and learn from the experience of others.

Like Baker Tilly.

It is an exciting time to be at Baker Tilly Ireland. Having only recently rebranded as Baker Tilly, there is a real sense of determination to see it grow and expand, and to do so rapidly.

Here’s why I’m glad I chose do my internship here:

1. Experiencing soft skills first-hand

Research shows that 94% of recruiting professionals believe that employees with stronger soft skills have a better chance of being promoted to leadership roles.

Also, as jobs become more automated, it is clear that soft skills are only going to become more valuable to future employers.

Here, interns are not lost in a sea of other interns, fighting over one interesting task – they have hands on access to the real day-to-day workings of the firm.

As an intern you get to work side by side with Managers, Directors and Partners in a close working environment that you wouldn’t necessarily see in many other established firms.

As well as learning technical skills, you are ‘witnessing’ soft-skills every day, like networking and team leadership.

2. Higher level of engagement

It’s important that your internship is in a firm you feel welcome in. Baker Tilly values their interns – and being valued is hugely significant.

Some firms might see their interns as ‘just interns.’ Not Baker Tilly.

Even though the people who work here are at the top of their field, they are always on hand to help should you need it, and do it in a way that you don’t feel like you’re being talked down to.

Although there is obviously a hierarchy within the organisation, I feel like it’s simply different people who have different jobs to do. It’s not about who you are as such; it’s about your ideas and what you can contribute.

As an intern, you’re not afraid to ask questions or use your initiative. You’re not expected to achieve the impossible; however, you also feel comfortable going outside your comfort zone.

3. Higher level of impact

Your time is valuable; therefore, it is important to do something of value with it.

Many internships put you in a section of the process and although you might know how to do your work, you don’t necessarily ‘see’ the impact of the work.

Studies show that employees’ significantly value work with a purpose.

At Baker Tilly, even at an intern level it is clear the positive impact that you are having on society.

From the Corporate Recovery Department who save jobs, to my team in Corporate Finance who help companies like Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin expand its business, you can clearly see the meaningful outcomes of the firm’s work.

In a time when businesses can often get a poor reputation, it is refreshing to see a firm giving back more than it takes in.

You can learn more about Kevin Boland, our Corporate Finance intern, by visiting his LinkedIn profile here.

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