2017 VAT Return of Trading Details – Have you filed?

2017 VAT Return of Trading Details – Have you filed?

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All VAT registered persons are required to file the VAT Return of Trading Details following the end of their accounting period (in most cases is the financial year). For VAT registered businesses with a 31 December year end, the VAT RTD for 2017 was therefore due to be filed by 23 January 2018. The VAT RTD details the purchases and sales for the year, broken down by the VAT rate and the form must be completed online through ROS. It is important that all companies file the VAT RTD as not doing so can have significant implications, such as resulting in delays in issuing VAT refunds or tax clearance certificates or even triggering Revenue audits. It is also important that the filed ARTD reconciles with the VAT payments or VAT refunds claimed in the period which it covers.

Should you have any queries regarding the above or would like our assistance with preparation of your VAT RTD please contact Ruth Linehan, Indirect Tax Director.

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